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At T&L Graphic Systems, our printing and label production experts have decades of experience crafting 100% original labels for a variety of industries and products, creating eye-catching products across the spectrum that stand out on the shelf.

Our custom cleaning label printing services make creating your vision for a product come alive, with expert label material construction and brand development through our label printing solutions. For almost 40 years, we’ve worked with countless brands, delivering the same trusted, professional label printing solutions we’re known for today.


Market Research & Expertise

Our in-house team takes the time to understand both the product and industry to develop unique labels that exceed the standard.

Innovative Solutions

Competition among consumer good products is rampant, which is why our professionals utilize innovative production solutions to help your product stand out.

Regulation Adherence

Our team of experts are well-versed in industry specific regulations for cleaning products and can help provide trusted expertise for your product.

How it Works

With each and every project we do, our team of printing experts deliver unmatched quality and industry knowledge – it’s what we’ve been doing for almost four decades. We’ve honed in our production process to create better solutions that get to our clients faster, utilizing state-of-the-art, innovating printing technology.

We make sure to triple-check each label that’s created, ensuring the quality control of each of our products. Using tried-and-true strategies, we’re able to guarantee that the quality matches our standards.

how it works

Label Color

Our prepress and press professionals will make sure that your label colors match their intended targets to achieve “the look” you’re demanding and the color you require. This not only ensures brand continuity, but also makes your labels “pop”!

Label Imprint

In collaboration with our prepress team, we’ll make sure your labels fit the identify of your product, helping you to stand out on shelves.

Label Size & Shape

Each of your labels will be customized to the size and shape that best fits your product.

Label Material

Choose from our variety of label materials, including film, paper, or other facesheet that best fit the needs of your specific application.

Label Protectants

We’ll be sure your labels are protected from their elements. From top coatings to laminations, we’ve got you covered.

Label Adhesives

We offer virtually every type of adhesive available. From the basic permanent and removable, to dispersion, ultra-removable, tire adhesive and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our label adhesives will match your unique needs.

Label Completion

Our process is only complete when the end results meet or exceed your needs. You’re the arbiter of customer satisfaction.

Expert Label Printing Capabilities

Our team is equipped with ten diverse press options to meticulously align label specifications with the most appropriate manufacturing medium, guaranteeing superior construction. Choosing the right equipment for each specific application is the key to our outstanding work.

Our Label & Printing Services

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T&L Graphic Systems

The Cleaning Label Experts Since 1984

With nearly four decades of experience, the skilled professionals at T&L Graphic Systems have been pioneering innovative and distinctive label solutions, forming partnerships with brands in a multitude of industries. While our journey began in healthcare and medical labeling, we’ve expanded extensively into a comprehensive label converter for all sectors.

Our unique capability lies in offering industry-recognized guidance and delivering enduring solutions. Coupled with our top-tier customer service, you can rely on the T&L Graphic Systems experts to ensure the care of your products and turn your unique ideas into reality.


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Find the exact label printing solution for your cleaning products today with help from the experts at T&L Graphic Systems. We’ve been the leading label printing company for almost 40 years, creating unique and unmistakable labels for brands across a variety of industries.

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today to get started on your next project.

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Whether you’re contacting us with a question about our capabilities or you have a design idea in mind and would like to know whether we can help, our customer service sets us apart from the rest. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business.

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