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What Are Custom Die Cut Product Labels?

Your product labeling directly reflects your product and business identity. From food labels to beer bottle labels, a great custom label gives an unmistakable identity to the consumables within.

If you want your product to stand out from the crowd, professional die-cut label printing is the way to go. You need professional, polished labels made for your product. When it comes to commercial product labeling, your labels need to be more than something you buy at the office supply store and print.

The Anatomy of a Great Die-Cut Product Label

Great product labels are professionally manufactured. They often complement the product packaging with the right scale and with custom die-cutting options, the right shape. The label should look cohesive with your brand. It should be the right material for your packaging type. Great labels aren’t just an afterthought but rather a critical component of your branding.

After all, in almost any market these days, you need a solid edge to help your product stand out from the competition. A professionally manufactured label provides quick and easy product identification for customers. A custom die-cut product label can even help your distributors better stock, shelve, and display your products.

Your commercial labels showcase your brand identity and create brand awareness. Custom labels ensure your products look professional and meet all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) legal labeling requirements. When customers need information, your labels will give them precisely what they must know at a glance.

What Does the Term “Custom Die Cut Label” Mean?

As you explore the world of labels, you might hear the words die-cut product labels or custom die-cut labels. What does that mean?

Custom die-cut product labels are specially made-to-order for the customer. They’re customized to capture the information you request and follow your guidelines. The labels aren’t necessarily a standard size or a one-size-fits-all label like you would buy in a package at the store.

Our label printing machinery spools in uncut rolls of labels and then etches the desired, customized shape into the label material. The machines are precise enough to cut away material to allow for easy label peeling while still maintaining the label’s exact specified size and shape. Custom die-cut labels are specifically shaped, then printed with your desired package imaging and message. The labels usually include the product logo and company information as well. It’s like a mini-billboard for your product, right there on the shelf.

Your die-cut labels are all identically shaped because the die-cut label-making process is much like using a cookie cutter. Each label is stamped out to match the exact label specifications. We can easily create hundreds of labels at one time and include other features like colors, metallics, or embossing—whatever you feel will capture the look and message of your brand.

We know that you put a lot of time and marketing effort into creating your product’s unique packaging and labeling. Branding is a big job. Your marketing team likely spent hours carefully considering the colors, shapes, and details for the labels, hoping that the look and feel would match the product contained inside your packages. A beautiful, customized label cut to fit your packaging adds the final touch to give your product a one-of-a-kind look.

Need a custom label shape? Many customers choose specially shaped labels that might fit a different sized box, showcase part of the product, or help the label fit tightly to a curve in the packaging. We can size our custom die-cut labels to fit nearly any product size and shape. We print custom die-cut labels up to 16” wide. We also offer custom die-cut shaped blank labels up to 20” wide.

Our in-house custom label plate making and custom label die-cutting allow us to accommodate any shape or size you can come up with.

Do you need a specific label material? At T&L Graphic Systems, we can make it happen. We offer over 300 materials for your prime label—including materials that can stand up to water, heat, and other environmental hazards. A well-cut label can also give your product a bit of texture that will stand out when a customer has it in their hands.

Investing in the Complete Package for Your Product

Making a unique label isn’t just about standing out. Custom prime labels can include technical data like ingredients or serial numbers as the law requires. They can help you keep track of product location and inventory. They can also help call consumer attention to the subtle differences between two similar products.

Your printed product labels provide you with the space you need to let your customers really make an informed decision about your product. The label on the outside lets everyone know exactly what’s contained within the packaging.

While there are several ways to ensure your product stands out on the shelf, one of the best is to include a custom die-cut label. If you’re ready to start packaging that makes an impact, reach out. At T&L Graphic Systems, we’re here to answer your label questions and help you decide on the best custom die-cut label options for your business.

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